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Reward them with ‘+’

Dog treats serve as dietary supplements for dogs and perform the same function for dogs as snacks do for humans. Just as with human snacks, not all dog treats are created equal.

Rewarding dogs is a way to show how much we love them, and because we also care so much for them, when looking for treats it is important to select quality products which will help ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy. But what makes a snack healthy for dogs?
  • Low Calorie and Low Fat: Keeping your dog’s waistlines top of mind is key to not only prevent unwanted weight gain but choosing a healthier treat will also means each treat will deliver less calories. Today it is estimated that 56% of dogs are overweight or obese (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and in many cases too many treats or feeding the wrong types of treats can be a keyway of giving our dogs unnecessary and unwanted calories that directly lead to weight gain.
  • Higher Quality Ingredients: A better treat always starts with better ingredients. Things to look for include named meat proteins like fresh chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, or salmon as well as ingredients you recognize like apples, carrots, and oats. Now whilst it is important to check what ingredients are listed in the treat you pick; it is as equally important to scan for the ingredients that you want to avoid and make sure they are not in that treat. A higher quality treat will avoid un-named generic cereals, meat-by-products, sugars, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and artificial colors.
  • A Functional Benefit: When talking with pet parents, we know giving our dogs a snack makes them happy and makes us happy at the same time but in addition to a tasty reward, giving a treat that delivers a health benefit to improve a dog’s wellbeing is an opportunity that truly makes a treat a healthy snack. That’s why Wellness CORE recently launched their NEW range of Reward+ treats: tasty treats with a unique & specific health benefit:

Reward+ Mobility: It is estimated one in five dogs suffer from joint pain or osteoarthritis which is especially concerning for senior and large breed dogs. Feeding a Reward+ Mobility snack rich in protein can support muscle health and added glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and omega-3 fatty acids can help support mobility and activity.

Reward+ Digestion: A healthy digestive tract can help improve multiple aspects of your dog’s well-being, from their ability to produce small firm stools regularly, to promoting optimum energy levels and physical appearance. That’s why the Reward+ Digestion recipe is packed with prebiotics, fibres, aniseeds & fenugreek to support your dog’s digestive health.

Reward+ Skin & Coat: You like to look good? So does your dog! The Reward+ Skin & Coat recipe is with omega fatty acids from salmon oil and linseed to support a healthy skin & shiny coat.

Reward+ Calming: Having a movie night planned with your dog? While you enjoy your nice camomile tea, treat your furry friend to a tasty Reward+ Calming snack. The passionflower & camomile ingredients will give him a calming support.