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Professor Noel Fitzpatrick on why it’s more important than ever to have the right pet insurance as we navigate the cost of living crisis.

With the cost of living increasing many families are starting to feel the impact on their monthly budget and may be looking for ways to reduce outgoings.

Our animal companions are part of the family and provide immeasurable support during hard times, but looking after their needs also contributes to monthly bills, including pet insurance.

“You may ask yourself if you can afford pet insurance but when times are tough having the right pet insurance may actually help you manage costs more effectively.”
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

You may ask yourself if you can afford pet insurance, but when times are tough having the right pet insurance may actually help you manage costs more effectively. Pet insurance allows families to budget monthly for veterinary care rather than having to find the money for unexpected bills.

When reviewing your options for pet insurance, it can be tempting to look for a cheaper policy, but it is important to realise that not all pet insurance is the same. In fact, you could actually find that a cheaper policy costs you more in the long run as it may not cover all of the care that your animal needs, leaving you to foot the bill for more of the treatment than you were expecting.

One of the key questions to ask when shopping for pet insurance is whether you will pay more for claiming. Some policies start off with a low introductory price and then significantly increase your premium if you claim. In this instance you could find yourself paying more than double what you were paying and could result in you not being able to afford to continue with your policy, which may have an impact on your pets health.

When choosing pet insurance, think about the policy you are buying in terms of its value over many years rather than looking for a short-term ‘deal’. You will want to choose a policy you can trust to cover the veterinary care your animal needs throughout their lifetime.

Petplan covers things some other policies don’t and with Petplan you won’t pay more for claiming, helping ensure you have the financial support you need.

Terms, conditions and excesses apply. No cover is provided for pre-existing conditions. Petplan is a trading name of Pet Plan Limited and Allianz Insurance plc. Fitz All Media Limited are an Appointed Representative of Pet Plan Limited.

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