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Bird zone

Position: On the left side of the hall, next to the Dog zone, which will include;
  • Bird & Wildlife Talks – to be held upstairs on the Gallery, with ornithologists & wildlife TV celebrities
  • Parrot aviary with an assortment of birds
  • Budgerigars to watch and enjoy!
  • Bird & Wildlife shopping – a wide range of bird & wildlife products
  • Along with – Lovebirds, Cockatiel & Cockatoos
Enfield Bird Centre Logo

Enfield Bird Centre, have been trading for nearly 40 years, which is the longest time for one specific bird retailer, in the UK.

With our many years of experience, we have been able to breed a range of birds and parrots. With over 2,000 birds for sale, we are more than confident that we have the bird you’re looking for.

4 x Aviaries will be supplied to the London Pet Show Live, which will be for these beautiful birds;

Finches & Canaries
Finches Canaries

For more information, please call 0208 367 9223

Address: Cattlegate Road, Enfield, EN2 9DS